Denatured Starch Making Machine

Denatured Starch Making Machine

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Denatured starch making machine

Extrusion method: This is a method of producing pregelatinized starch by the use of a spiral extrusion 
extruder, based on the principle of extrusion. The pre-adjusted wet starch with 15-20% moisture content is
added to the extruder. The starch is heated and pasteurized by screw shaft friction extrusion, and then extruded
through a small hole with a pore size of 1-10 mm.The materials entering the atmosphere are instantaneously 
expanded and dried. After crushing and screening, the pregelatinized starch is obtained. Due to the high 
shearing force, the viscosity of the product decreases, which is greater than the solubility of the roller process
product. Since it is basically unnecessary to add water in the manufacturing process, it can maintain the temperature of 
120--160°C with internal frictional heat, and does not need heat source for drying, so it is the most economical method 
that has been recognized as a land type.

The flow chart of denatured starch processing



Sample pictures

The raw material is extruded through the extruder, and the properties of the starch are changed.
After coming out of the extruder, it becomes spherical or flaky, then it is dried, cooled, and
finally beaten by the crusher.


Company view

As a leading manufacturer of inflating food machinery, we are selling and marketing the machines to many countries in the world. We keep improving our machines and upgrading techniques to satisfy the requirements of all the clients. Depending on our rich experience and professional experts on the extruded food industry, we could offer the most suitable and complete program to assure that your investment will get biggest profit.


Our sirvice

* Related machinery technical parameter will be supplied to customer.
* According to customer’s factory size, factory layout can be provided in advance.
* According to customer’s material cost, general formulation can be prepared well.
* Special machine can be supplied as customer’s request.
* Professional Advice about Market, machines, processing , materials, packing can be supplied
* Suggesting professional ship agent or helping book ship as customer request

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