Dry Dog Feed Processing Equipment

Dry Dog Feed Processing Equipment

Dry dog feed processing equipment The introduction of machine Extruding is a food processing method. It is to put the processed food into a closed container, decompress it suddenly after heating and pressurization, the moisture in the food vaporizes and swells, and many small holes appear in the...

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Dry dog feed processing equipment

The introduction of machine
Extruding is a food processing method. It is to put the processed food into a closed container, 
decompress it suddenly after heating and pressurization, the moisture in the food vaporizes and 
swells,and many small holesappear in the food, becoming crunchy and becoming puffed. food. The basic 
principle is to allow the raw material to suddenly decompress and expand when heated and pressurized. 
The puffed dog food not only improves itspalatability, but also increases the absorpti
on rate and conversion rate of nutrients, kills various bacteria at the same time, and ensures food 
safety and hygiene.

The composition of machine
This equipment has a wide range of raw materials to adapt to, a variety of product shapes, extruder 
from the feeding system, extrusion system, heating system, transmission system, rotary cutting system 
and control system and other parts. The material is fed by a feeder. The barrel undergoes high 
temperature, high pressure, and high shear, so that the material expands to meet the required quality
of the tissue state. The raw material is subjected to high temperatureand high pressure sterilization
in the process of processing to ensure the health of the product. Safety; The machine adopts stepless
speed feeder, uniform feeding; The main gear box is equipped with gear oil pump cooling and lubrication
system; The screw has excellent self-cleaning ability, no need to clean the machine rake and screw 
when restarting or changing material types. The host adopts variable frequency speed control to 
adapt to different types  and raw materials, frequency control of discharge knife, in order to 
adjust the length of the material; advanced  electrical control design makes the whole machine 
a high degree of automation, smooth operation; discharge mold  has a variety of shapes Available 
for selection.


Sample pictures

The shape can be made according to cuustomers,s requirments.

狗粮拼图 (3).png

Packing and shipment

We will test the machine before package.firstly,we will wrap the machine with plastic film,then put it into wooden box according to customers,requirment,the material of wooden box can be made by customers,requirment,lastly,all the machine will be putted into container.


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