Method For Repairing Fried Noodle Pasta Production Line

- Mar 12, 2018 -

1. Synchronous repair method: In the middle of production, if it is found that failures are not repaired as much as possible, adopt a maintenance method to continue the production of the production line. By Sunday, focus on maintenance workers, operators, and repair all problems at the same time. The equipment is normally produced on Mondays. .

2. Divisional repair method: If there is a big problem in the production line, the repair time is longer. The simultaneous repair method cannot be used. Then on Sunday, the maintenance worker is centralized and the operator repairs a certain part. Until next Sunday, The other part is repaired to ensure that the production line does not stop production during working hours.

In order to reduce the frequency of faults, you can install a timer in the equipment, record the working time of the equipment, apply wear rules, to measure the wear of wearing parts, replace the wearing parts in advance, you can eliminate the fault in advance, to ensure the production line full load production. Hope us The knowledge of the maintenance of the fried pasta production line can help our customers!

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