Dog Food Expansion Machinery Equipment Matters Needing Attention

- Mar 12, 2018 -

1. When the particle machine is working, do not reach into the feeding port by hand. If necessary, use wooden sticks to help feed.

2. Before the machine is turned on, it is necessary to add less material and then start the machine. Keep a little feed inside the machine when it is turned off to prevent the roller of the machine from idling with the template.

3. If there is a stuck phenomenon in the work of the machine, stop immediately and press the roller tight until the bolt is loose and then restart the machine.

4. If the machine uses a certain amount of time or presses out a certain amount of particles, if the resulting pellets are not finished with crushed or crushed granules, the disc should be turned upside down and mixed with 2%-4% water.

5. When the pelletizer is used for the first time, it needs to work for about 40 hours at low load. Then the gear oil in the gearbox is replaced. After that, it needs to be replaced regularly for 100 hours. All bearings must be filled with grease regularly.

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