Corn Flakes Production Line Process

- Mar 12, 2018 -

1. Ingredients: Ingredients for corn flakes are very important, and seasonings must ensure good taste. In particular, the requirements for corn raw materials are directly related to the ability to make high-quality corn flakes, and there is a proportion of various nutrients. content.

2. Squeezing and maturing: The extrusion molding process of corn chips is the key to produce high quality corn chips. The technology corn of Will Keith Kellogg's invention of corn chips must be fully matured. Can not have any puffing, the only way to make compact, hard and crisp, scented corn flakes.

3. Cutting: The material extruded from the twin-screw extruder is cut into granular materials with the same size and the material is translucent.

4. Pre-drying: cutting and forming the material into the dryer for pre-drying, the surface after drying to form a certain tension, no longer stick to each other, is conducive to the smooth operation of the tablet.

5. Tablet pressing: The tableting process is also the key to the production of corn flakes. The requirements for the tablet press are very high. The surface of the rolls must have a high degree of finish, and the rolls must be kept at a constant temperature.

6. High-temperature baking: whether corn chips have a hard and brittle, dense tissue structure, highlight the unique flavor of corn, baking process is very important.

7. After the baked corn flakes are cooled, they will be corn flakes. Nowadays, there are also many corn flakes that are processed in the post-process. The sugar coating, salt frying or chocolate coating is mostly determined by the market demand.

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