Vegetable extractor features

- Mar 12, 2018 -

1. The inside and outside of the vegetable dewatering machine are made of stainless steel panels. They not only have strong corrosion resistance and service life, but also can easily meet the harsh environment of food factories and other places of use.

2. The three-pedestrian pendulum type mechanism not only fully guarantees the stability of the vegetable dehydrator during operation, but also minimizes its vibration and noise and other problems that are harmful to our normal use.

3. The vegetable dewatering machine adopts the working principle of centrifugal rotation speed. The spindle speed of 1200r/min not only ensures the dehydration effect of the whole vegetable, but also avoids the damage of the vegetable fiber and the problems that affect the normal edible of the vegetable.

4. The loading rate of single barrels ranging from tens of kilograms to several hundred kilograms can effectively increase our efficiency in drying vegetables, and at the same time, it enables us to easily mass-produce them.

5. The frequency conversion vegetable dehydrator equipped with a frequency converter can select the proper rotation speed for the characteristics of the dried vegetables, which truly serves the purpose of multiple use of the machine.

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