One puffing and two puffing of dog food

- Mar 12, 2018 -

The extruded grain dog food we are referring to refers to an extruded extruded dog food after an extrusion machine, which is a puffing or a so-called single puffing. It is understood that currently the world's most used but very advanced puffing technology is the UK's LEGENDSANDY pet food company, as well as some higher-grade pure natural dog food products companies. Such as domestic (good baby pet food) is the double-expanding puffing process.

Double puffing means that all raw materials of the dog food are pre-inflated into a puffing room and then puffed before being extruded twice. The purpose of the double puffing is to completely incompletely gelatinize the raw materials or raw materials that cannot be fully sterilized at a moment's high temperature. Sterilization: This kind of dog food is superior in terms of hygiene or nutrition and digestion. However, it is subject to high manufacturing costs and high energy consumption, and has not been popularized by the world's mainstream expansion process.

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