Food Microwave Dryer Benefits

- Mar 12, 2018 -

1. The microwave electronic components used in the microwave generation system are high-quality original devices, featuring high performance, high reliability and long life.

2. The industrial microwave drying equipment is fed from the top of the microwave heater with multiple tubes and multiple feeds. The uniformity of heating can be within ±2% (in the transverse direction of the conveyor belt).

3. How much microwave output power is practical and realistic, and childbirth, to ensure that the output target is reached, the microwave is generally quoted on the power level (a difference of 1.5 times between input and output).

4. All-stainless steel structure: The device has beautiful appearance, no deformation, no rivet exposed, no dead angle, easy to clean, and meets GMP certification requirements.

5, advanced control: There is a separate console, can be randomly controlled, real-time detection of magnetrons, transformers and temperature, the operation is very convenient.

6, after-sales service: one-year warranty equipment, lifelong technical services, and timely handling of emergency issues, without delaying production.

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