Food extrusion processing features

- Mar 12, 2018 -

1. Versatility: A wide variety of foods can be produced using the same extrusion system.

2. High productivity: An extruder has a greater capacity than other cooking (molding) processing systems.

3. Low cost: The required labor and floor space per unit of production are smaller than other cooking (molding) processing systems.

4. A variety of product forms: The extrusion machine can produce a variety of products that are not easily obtained by other production methods.

5. High-quality products: High-temperature and short-time processing minimizes the destruction of nutrients, but kills most of the microbes and other harmful substances.

6. Manufacture of new products: Extruders can modify some plant proteins, starches, and other food ingredients to make new products.

7. No pollution: no pollution or other dangerous substances.

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