Flour machinery safety operation

- Mar 12, 2018 -

1. Operators should wear good labor protection articles, tie tightly their cuffs and clothing corners, and must be clear and neat to have ropes appear.

2. Each shift must be designated by a person who is familiar with the performance of flour machinery and equipment.

3, before driving to check whether the various parts of the electrical insulation is good, the motor grounding is reliable. Do not press the switch button with wet hands. Have a problem, please deal with electrician.

4, according to the provisions of the flour mechanical machinery once and noodles are put into dry flour, no overload transport.

5. Regularly refuel according to the maintenance requirements of the machine.

6, in the dough, cover should be covered. Do not extend your hand or other hard objects into the face cup to avoid dangerous accidents.

7. When the surface is taken, it must be powered off. After the power failure, the chassis is tripped and then taken. After one time, the net is cut off with a knife, and then the vehicle is no longer allowed to pick one from the other.

8, the operation is not to touch the rotating parts, found abnormal sound, loose, debris, vibration, etc. are not normal, should stop the inspection and maintenance.

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