Feed extruder machine main parts

- Jun 11, 2018 -

The feed extruder is a single-screw extrusion extruder. It is mainly used for food puffing, feed for livestock and poultry, or for the extrusion of single raw materials. It can also be used as a pre-location of raw materials for vegetable oils and drinking wine production. Twin-screw extrusion extruder is mainly used for the production and processing of high-grade aquatic products, pet materials, especially the processing of highly viscous materials.


It is the main part of the extruder. The parameters of the screw structure are diameter, pitch, root diameter, helix angle and blade section structure. The aspect ratio of the extruded part and the clearance between the screw and the inner wall of the expansion chamber also have a great influence on the performance of the extruder.

Feeding die: 

It is the final checkpoint of the product through the extruder. He has a great influence on the shape, texture, density, appearance, and characteristics of the product and the output of the extruder. The bearing housing part mainly consists of a bearing housing, a main shaft, a bearing, a sleeve, a left and right end cap, a seal ring, and a round nut. The oil filter cooling system is mainly composed of an oil pump, a cooler, an oil filter, a valve, a connecting pipe and the like.

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