Extruder machine common classification

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Corn extruder machine:

It is mainly used for puffing corn, yellow rice and other cereal grains.

Flour extruder machine:

It is mainly used to puff white wheat flour. This type of puffing machine is called crispy fruit machine.

Soybean extruder machine:

It is mainly used for expanded soybeans. Unlike the cereal expander, the soybean expander contains an oil removal device, which is a machine based on the high oil content of soybeans.

Feed extruder machine:

Mainly used for the expansion of fish, shrimp, pet food and other special aquaculture pellet feed production.

Flour extruder machine - The automatic corn extruder has won the favor of customers due to its small size, light weight, compact structure, simple operation technology and considerable economic benefits. Flour extruders are inexpensive, with rice, corn, glutinous rice, yellow rice, etc. as raw materials, and can be added with various spices, using their own heat to expand the original to more than 90 times good taste and puffed fruit. After the corn expander is powered up, raw materials can be added to produce various kinds of puffed fruit, such as hollow stick, peanut, biscuit shape, millet flower, twist shape, small twist shape, plum shape and so on. The fruit is crispy and sweet , both young and old. The flour extruding machine can be equipped with a die to process puffed stars, squares, mung bean-shaped, diamond-shaped, wok-shaped, matchbox-shaped puffed fruit, etc., and the puffed product is diversified in shape, and has a self-breaking forming device, and the output of the corn puffing machine can be obtained. 25-50 kilograms, while the expanded popcorn type can be made. The tool head and machine operating instructions are supplied with the machine. The price of corn extruder is reasonable. Rice, corn, glutinous rice, and yellow rice are used as raw materials, and the raw materials are expanded to various sizes using their own heat. Flour puffing machines are widely used to make fried rice cakes, popcorn candy, foods and other decorative small particles. The size of the puffed corn extruder can be adjusted with different heads and blades, from marbles to sesame seeds.

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