Dog food production equipment introduction

- Mar 12, 2018 -

1 According to the market demand, the company has developed and developed a variety of models of extruded feed production lines. According to the different production, the production line also has a variety of configurations.

2 The dog food production line can adjust the raw materials, temperature, moisture and other process parameters, so that the product has a unique shape, unique taste, rich nutrition, delicate tissue characteristics, suitable for different pet flavors.

3 The dog food production line is widely used in the production of fox, quail, monkey food, bird food, dog food, cat food and puffed corn, etc. It is an ideal choice for different manufacturers.

4 Dog food production line, affordable, expanded dog food processing equipment, production capacity of 120-1000kg/h. The pet food production line can add 20-40% animal viscera, chicken racks, etc. The ground bone mud and peat mud directly expands the dog food, solving the problem of dehydration and smashing of fresh meat, fresh bone and slaughterhouse waste. Loved by customers!

6 This dog food production line solves the problems of small single-screw dog food extruders with insufficient puffing rate, difficulties in screw cleaning after each production, limitations in the ratio of fresh meat and bone mud being limited, and fast screw wear, and high cost of late accessories, which are greatly affected by large dogs. Field and personal entrepreneurs love it.

7 different shapes and sizes of feed can replace the mold and adjust the degree of expansion.

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