Automatic sealing machine operation method!

- Mar 12, 2018 -

A. Adjust the height of the worktable: Loosen the tripod locking screw on the inside of the tripod. Pull out the tripod adjustment bracket according to the required height, and then tighten the tripod locking screw.

B. Rotate the lifting crank handle counterclockwise to raise the upper movement seat so that the upper movement seat is higher than the box to be sealed.

C. Put the box into the conveyor belt. The length of the box is about one third of the length of the box. According to the size of the box, loosen the guide rod to lock the hand wheel and adjust the left and right guide rods to the sides of the box. , Then move the box forward and backward so that it can pass smoothly, and then tighten the hand wheel.

D. To make the lid tight, adjust the position of the guide wheel. Loosen the hand wheel and push the wheel guide so that the guide wheel is tightly attached to both sides of the box and then the hand wheel is locked.

E. Rotate the crank handle clockwise to lower the upper seat so that the upper conveyor belt is in contact with the cabinet. Then remove the box and shake the handle to lower the conveyor belt by 2 to 3 mm. The adjustment can be completed continuously.

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